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El Salvador may be a small country, but the shopping possibilities in San Salvador are much greater than in any other Latin American nation. Euromonitor has identified El Salvador as one of the 20 markets of the future that will offer the greatest opportunities to consumer goods companies.

Small towns often offer a wide range of shopping options, such as restaurants, cafes and retail stores, as well as shopping malls and hotels.

These markets are often crowded and do not carry or carry large amounts of cash. So beware of pickpockets and try to use only ATMs in shopping malls, hotels and banks. Some markets accept credit cards, but credit card withdrawal is a problem here too, and markets are often crowded. ATMs are a popular place to shop, especially in the city centre and El Salvador's central business district.

You can haggle over prices at El Salvador's markets, but you should only go there accompanied by a Salvadoran. Here too, you can get a bargain, although you should only go there with the Salvadorans.

If you want to buy souvenirs, you can buy at El Salvador's markets, such as the one in San Salvador. There are many artisans who make wooden pigeons and carvings that can be bought in souvenir shops in Salvador and other parts of the country. You can also come from other countries that are interested in bringing a supermarket to San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York or other cities in the USA.

Some of the most popular consumer-oriented products in El Salvador are actually registered as imports from Guatemala, such as coffee, sugar, eggs, milk, cheese, meat, fruit and vegetables.

El Salvador's official currency is the American dollar, which makes shopping in El Salvador easier, since you don't have to exchange the "American cash" you bring with you. It takes less than $1 to get to San Salvador, then it's a short walk to the boulders, and then you can continue to Guatemala, where it's $2 USD for you to travel from Guatemala City, the capital of Guatemala and the second largest city in the country, San Jose.

In supermarkets, especially in San Salvador, you can find takeaway food and find out about the must - try food and drink that you can put in your suitcase. El Salvador's supermarkets include: El Pueblo, El Domingo de los Dispenso, San Pedro Sula and San Jose. You can also visit ruins and museums to explain the history of the area during your day trip to El Salvador.

The local supermarket chain currently accounts for 95% of the stores and is keeping pace with fierce competition from other retailers. Hypermarkets, supermarkets and convenience stores coexist, and Walmart has had to restrain itself to reach different consumer segments.

The Multiplaza Panamericana Mall is one of the most popular shopping destinations in El Salvador's capital. SEAS, which includes 250 shops and services on a sales floor area of more than 1.5 million square meters, as well as a number of restaurants and bars.

Like most shopping centers in Central America, it is very open and its architecture is influenced by local buildings. Near the zoo is the Military Museum, which houses the El Salvador National Museum, the oldest museum in the country, built in 1895. It contains a large number of Mayan and Pipil artifacts, while the Museumo de Arte (MARTE 11) has an extensive collection of international art.

Renovated in 2006, the Centro Comercial de Galerias shopping centre has more than 1,000 shops, a large number of restaurants and a variety of retail outlets. Oscar Hidalgo, chief executive of Aeromall Brand, says the store has more than 500 stores connected to the platform, uploading 700 products daily. The shopping center has a total area of 1.5 million square meters, with a capacity of 2.2 million square meters.

Puerto del Diablo is a natural rock formation called El Puerto, one of the most popular tourist destinations in El Salvador. Most crimes take place in San Salvador, so avoid the parts of Soyapango, Apopoa and Mejicanos at all costs. Construction is currently underway on the "El Puerto," which is due to close in November 2018. Purchases are made in 262 municipalities in El Salvador and the zone's coverage is not limited to the capital city of Salvador, but also to other cities, towns and villages in the country.

With PriceSmart's growing presence, its offerings appeal to a larger middle class. Galerias shopping centre was opened in 1995 and expanded in 2002 to accommodate the large number of high-quality retail outlets in El Salvador. At the same time, a second store with a total of 4,000 square meters of sales space opened. One of the most popular shops, the "PriceSmart" store building in 2009, is located in the complex, where you will find a wide selection of clothing, accessories, electronics, home furniture and other goods.

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