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El Salvador is safe to visit until 2019 for tourists and travelers, but what should you do and where should you go? This El Salvador travel guide will outline all the important facts you need to know to plan your trip. Learn about the food and drink you need to try, the reasons why you shouldn't visit, what you should do, where to go and how to pack your bags.

To help you with some less obvious things to consider, the end of this article contains safety tips for traveling to El Salvador. I invite you to learn more about the dangers of travel in the United States and other countries in Latin America. Although tourism in El Salvador is a growing thing, I can see your curiosity about what they are doing there. But for many of us it is not on our radar, and that is precisely why we are so keen to visit him.

If you're looking for a great beach in the country, Antigua is the perfect choice for your trip to El Salvador. If you want a break from the tourist hordes and a view of the Atlantic Ocean and the rest of the world from your hotel room, this is a refreshing weekend for you. And if you visit El Salvadore, chances are you'll visit the beach sometime.

One of El Salvador's special features is that it is one of the cheapest countries in the world to travel to, with very low cost of living. It is cheap for those who want it cheap to Asia or Eastern Europe, but it is also cheap enough to make it a great destination for a long-term holiday or even an overnight stay. El Salvadore is the second largest city in Central America and the third largest country in Latin America.

Since El Salvador has used the US dollar as its national currency since the Salvadoran colon, the numerous international flights every day make the country an easy trip, as does the fact that it uses it. Visitors arriving by plane usually arrive at the airport, which is located in the capital San Salvador, a city of about 2.5 million inhabitants. Most travelers visit San Salvadore due to its proximity to the border with Honduras and Guatemala, but many visitors also come to another country on their way to stop at one of the many tourist attractions such as the San Pedro Sula National Park or the Central American National Museum, both located just a few miles from the city center.

With this guide, a two-day trip from San Salvador to San Pedro Sula should cost between $20 - 40 USD. If you are coming by plane from Nicaragua, take the following suggestion back and take off from El Salvador airport, not San Salvadore or the city center.

If you are more of an archaeology fan and want to visit the ruins of the ancient city of Joya de Ceren, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, you can take a half-day tour to Joy a de Ceren. You can pick it up from the airport at no extra charge and visit the Ruins Museum to explain the history of this area during your day trip to El Salvador. It is clear that there is so much to see in the area, so I would definitely recommend your El Salvadore to travel a few days to explore it. I hope that these five reasons will tempt you to take advantage of your opportunities and travel to San Pedro Sula for a day or two.

El Salvador is an underrated and beautiful destination and I hope I have inspired more people to think about it. At the beginning of this article there is a link to the country Quickfacts page for El Salvador travel information. You can also read more about the country and its attractions on the travel experts who put it together on CountryQuickfacts.

El Tunco is located just a few hours from Antigua in Guatemala and is only a few kilometers from where most visitors pass through El Salvador. The country is off the main route that people take through Central America, on a tourist trail, bypassing the city of El Paso and the capital San Salvador and full of archaeological sites to visit. It borders Guatemala and Honduras through cloud forests and offers a variety of scenic views, refreshing walks and great food and drinks. It is located in the south of the country, north of Guatemala City and south of Honduras, and is close to El Salvador International Airport in Comalapa, allowing visitors to travel by plane to the airport and then to other destinations in Honduras and Guatemala.

Violence rarely targets tourists, and travelers have access to other developed countries that can be visited, such as Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua.

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